beautiful day...

Every once in a while, I get smacked in the head and for a brief Moment, I truly get it. Understand that it takes more than a gentle tap, most days.

We spent the morning, playing checkers and enjoying each other's company. Add in drinks and treats and you quickly see how little it takes to find yourself in a good place.

It is not what we think we need or what we think it is important to know, in any given day - to give us what we really need. We need to pay attention more and shut up/stop thinking, more. Instead of sharing what we know, we need to be students twice as much as we are teachers.

We are each given to be in both camps in Life. Students and teachers and when we mix them up at the wrong times, like most other things we mix up at the wrong times - it is disasterous because we make choices based on those errors of judegement. It is like being a perpetual teenager, always having answers without having ever heard the question.

I grabbed my camera because I needed this perspective. Knew instantly, it was part of my training and I didn't want to miss this lesson. Boys and men, while they are still somewhat of a mystery - they certainly made it a beautiful day for me.