Now, it begins...

The last four days have been a blur.We lamented on Thanksgiving how crazy it was that we could eat outside at the picnic table. Cold but doable. After many games of movie/book/tv charades, we called it a least for a few hours.

The news has reported that the early onset of Black friday was a hit for both shoppers and retailers and is here to stay. The young ones, who don't usually partake of BF came at 10PM and the rest made their usual 4PM appearance. Looks like change is here to stay...Now, it begins.

Like it or not, it is on. 25 days of shopping for Something. Gifts, decorations, food. Your life is not your own for the next 31 days. You are officially in Holiday mode.

It is a fact. One that if you can get it into your head, will make this the best holiday season ever. Over the last few years, I have cut my gift list down to just my kids and grandkids. I love my friends dearly but would rather spend time over holiday coffee and some good convo, then add to the the Stuff of Their World.

For me, the lines are not so blurred between Santa and Jesus, this year. It is getting harder and harder to find Jesus in the world while He hasn't changed a bit. He is always there for the asking. This year for the first time in a long, long time, the kids have a Christmas program at their church. I am giddy. Nothing like a little kid singing, dressed to their nine, the Love of Christmas. Reminds me, must relive the magic that is All About The Herdsman. The epic Story of the world meeting Jesus. When you are hungry and the church is giving away free food, you go. I so get that. If you have never read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, I suggest you do yourself a favor and read it this year. As Gage would say, it would be an Epic Failure, not too.

Got 2 things off my list on BF but mainly got to shop with throngs of people who for the most part were extremely nice. The teen boys who parked their fannies on the couches to rest and then peed in the huge fake flower pots, not so much...