It is close. I can feel my fifties, slipping away. I don't know why this birthday has hit me so hard but am attempting to go through it, not find a way around it.

There is so much to be thankful for. Some people never make it, this far. I have been blessed with family and friends, with love and laughter and there is no reason to think, that will change. On the threshold of another adventure. Old is as old does, relax and keep swinging.

A friend gave me this sign for my birthday and a higher tribute could not be given, Thank you Miss R.

she was authentic in every way and they loved that about her.

Plan to live the Moment and enjoy all the Moments that will continue to come my way. How could one not be thankful? While my body gives away its true age, inside, there is a different Party going on. Now I know why you see so many old people in convertibles. It is so true.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. May the giving of thanks, laughter and love, come your way this year. If sadness is your lot this year, may Something bring joy to your heart, Somewhere along the way. See you Monday. Love and peace, zalaine.