chemical evolution...

The Challenges of Chemical Evolution/Dr Tim.

1. Making simple organic molecules
2. Homochiratly
3. Polymerization

I was with him until he started explaining in detail, each item. This is Week 2 of Organic Chemistry with Dr Tim and my head is starting to explode. I have pages and pages of notes, some I can read, most I can not. He warned us and has stayed true, there has been no bible talk for the llast 2 weeks. It has been a simplier form of one of his classes, with not an ounce of touchy - feely.

While I have missed much, again, what I can get, is enough. After an hour of amino acids, polmers, DNA and coding, I need to find Something I can relate too. He never disappoints.

In the end, this is what I walk away with. Science lives and is confined by philosopy. With philosopy, no proof is need. Ignoring the obvious, allows one to live in their head and spread that knowledge, however they see it.

Information has 4 parts to it.
1. Sender
2. Medium
3. Message
$. Receiver.

Most of the scientific community do not believe in the sender. Without the sender, there is no medium, message or receiver. It may be as easy as who came first, the chicken or the egg? The question is not who came first, but who made the chicken and the egg.

That is always the question. Not how man evolved from apes but who made the apes. You can't make something out of nothing and if it all started with nothing, now where do you go?

Good thing we have a 2 week break coming, dreamt about DNA chains the other night. Oh My...