There are times when nothing but color will do. No black and white, just the brazeness that only color can occupy. Color leaves me confused, feeling chaotic and way out of my comfort zone.

The boldness, the sudden twists and turns. The same things that draw us toward color. Those who have to be surrounded by color, to who waving a brush throughout their home, is second nature.

It took a while for me to bring any color at home. Color is restricted to the living room/dining room/kitchen which are basically one room. Two little hallways share the color. Bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry room and bonus room so not. Never will. Just the way I roll.

Was intrigued a few years ago with the idea of painting closets with bold colors. Something that would reach out and grab you, every time you oped the door. Imagine a pantry in lime green or a bright orange. That could still happen, love the idea of surprise.

While most of my photography I prefer in black and white, there are some that I know right off the bat, will have to stay in color character. This is where they shine, where they were meant to be. They are the ones that usually make the covers of my yearly coffee table books. A bit of surprise and confusing never killed anyone...I think.