Jason Russell, of the Kony 2012 fame found himself and his organization in dark trouble last week. After having the single most viral video in the history of the internet, he may have brought down the whole commission, in one afternoon.

Friday, it was annouced that he had some sort of mental breakdown in the middle of a street in San Diego. Naked, vandalising cars and accused of sexual issues. He is now on a mental hold and will be evaluated.

The CEO of Invisible Children gave a rambling statement about malnourishment, exhaustion and dehydration to explain away Mr Russell's behavior. I think that was the wrong way to handle it and did more harm.

My usually,doubting Thomas husband came up with another theory. One I hadn't even considered, then or now. If there is no mental health history of this man, he thinks someone might have poisoned him. That there was a traitor close to him, someone who slipped something in his food or drink, trying to bring down the whole organization, in one swoop.

He might have Something there. As fast as we are all flying these days, the opposite of that is how far we can fall at the speed of light. Does it change the mission of Kony 2012? No. Does it hurt the mission of Kony 2012? Indeed, it does.

Never have been much of a conspiracy theorist. Love making up Stories but as DH always tells me, You are giving them too much credit, they aren't that smart.

Whatever is the truth, Kony 2012 will take care of itself and I wish Mr Russell, the very best. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, is always a good path to go...