Lights. Camera. Action...

While the grown men in the family are building fences at the old homestead, they rest of us - hit retail.

Boys who continue to grow and have holes in otherwise, perfectly good jeans - had to reckoned with this weekend. It seemed like August School shopping all oer again. As they tried on this and that pant, needing an every ending parade of sizes and color, that would rival any girl's shopping trip, we girls had to make our own fun.

And, this always includes getting the camera out, no matter where we are. Hours earlier, the three of them tried to get me down, tickle me. The boys did a great job of pinning me down and I was laughing too hard to actually get away. They told Miss M torun and get my camera and take my photo. There seemed to be some photo motive involved. Whether they were going to post it online or what the revenge was going to be was never fully discussed but it was clear, they thought - camera revenge is ours.

Then, there are times like this where playing to the camera seems to be a good thing. There are over 10 shots like this one in various poses, that she thought were memory-worthy. Will make a page and make that happen for her, the least I can do for Miss Cooperative.

They know I am camera ready at all times.
They know that 90% of the time, I shoot whatever they are doing.
They know I love them.

Sometimes, love and photos go together. Like today...