You are 100 miles from smart...George Clooney/The Descendants.

At any given time, if you asked my definition of what smart looks like, there would be a common theme. It grows and changes but a similiar thread would be present.

My experience has taught me that a degree is no assurance of being smart. What it does show is the fortitude of sustaining a course of learning for an certain period of time. There is validity in that alone. Proving to yourself that you have the gift of sticktoitness. You most certainly pick up facts along the way that may help make better choices, but again, no guarantee.

Can being smart be taught? It depends on what your criteria is. To me, smart is about not only knowing right from wrong but acting on it. Sheldon, for the Big Bang Theory, would try to sway you about his smartness but rattling off what he knows. To me, the smart one is secure enough - not to. Smart is about putting others first, using their smartness for good instead of evil. Keaton had a band teacher last year that insisted the kids call him, Dr XXXXXXX. He would not acknowledge him if they didn't. Not so smart in my book.

I wish I was smarter. Not in book knowledge but in people learning. While our culture bows down to the academia world, I think we are missing the boat. I know many, many smart people who don't have a high school diploma. I know those with degrees that have no more common sens, than a rock.

Go ahead and think you are pretty smart but be carefully how you come to that decision. It may be the smartest thing you can do...