We spend our entire lives worrying about the future, making plans for the future and trying to predict the future...and the truth is, the future is always changing. Grey's Anatomy.

Started saving money last September for Ipad 3. Everytime I came home, quarters and singles where put in their perspective piggy banks. DH played along and with a little help from my Costoc rebate check in February, we were there.

Side note about savings. I have never, ever been a saver of money. Truly lived in the Moment and that included ridding myself of any and all extra cash. Since I have been a homebody, I have learned not only how to make adjustments in savings but also in how things are done. I can cook better meals at home that I can eat out, 90% of the time. To be able to save was a big surprise and one that still makes me giddy.

So, when I ordered the new iPad in the middle of March, I was flying high. Then the doom started, bad wifi reception, smart covers don't fit and the biggie, heat issues. Last week, I read about 20 pages of heat issue complaints on the Apple web site. Sunday, went to the Apple Store to touch for myself. Every iPad on display, ran hot. From warm to hot, the 8 or 10 ipads, spoke for themselves. Came home and read 30 more pages of complaints and then, realized the inevitable. My iPad that was suppose to arrive on April 6, would not be. Not until the issue is fixed.

Sometimes, we want something so bad, we are willing to do anything to get it. I so get that, and the cost is high which we know because the need to have is so strong. The stronger the need is to acquire, the more you know, it is probably not for you. I have heard people say, I will do anything to get.... Those are fighting words and you will, every step of the way.

I love my iPad.
I am so ready for my new iPad
I have saved for a long time for my iPad.
Yet, I was able to walk away, for now.

Regret. Not so much now. Cancellation is done, spoke to the Apple rep and she had not heard of the heat issue. I told her, I would be back. No regret here. That is the best feeling of all...