Dear KTVB, You guys are a class act, always have been but your newest ad is not up to your usual, better than standard, standards.

There is a lingering clip of the announcement of Steve Appleton's death. I can't help but read it and know that as it lingers in my mind, what it is doing to his family.

You are a good friend of the family. You need to put that relationship, first - ahead of ratings. You can get your message across without that kind of detail. Various clips of news, sell just as well. In this case, the detail - no matter who or what, is not needed and shows a lack of respect for your friendship.

Time to reverse this downhill trend.
Do the right thing.
Think before you print.

We all have downhill Moments. Moments when we do the wrong thing, for the wrong reason. It is our humanity flying its less than honerable, flag. Sometimes, we just have to stop and reverse course. Today is their day, is it yours too?...