day 37...

About all I can focus on these days is how in 37 days, my life is making a big shift. Maybe the biggest ever. Isn't the chnage that is in front of you, always the biggest one?

Believe me, I am in full control of my multiple,mental personalities and to think that it will be all fun and games in 37 days, is not what I am thinking. There will be adjustments to be made. Compromise will become necessary 24/7 with no 8-5, days a week, breaks.

Maybe the idea of fun comes because I have an almost 15 year, head start on him. I have learned how to have fun and the experience has been the best thing, ever. Yes, two months after retirement, I found out I was going to nana and because of his work schedule, he has lived vicarously through me. No, we talk about taking day trips with the kids or just heading over at 10pm on a warm, summer night to go to Sonic for a Coke.

There will be head butting days.
There will be days, we will just have to stay out of each other's way.
Nothing can, always be fun.

That is the thing about fun. It comes and it goes but if you can see it, in the Moment...what a gift that is. I am planning on many, many fun days. Ready or not, here we come...