Mother's Day...

I totally disagree with one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott about Mother's Day. She feels the same way about Valentine's Day.

It celebrates the great lie about women: That those with children are more important than those without.

This time, I really think she missed the point. If she wants to debate Hallmark and's involvement in the retail push of Mother's Day, then I would wholeheartedly, agree. We spend billion of dollars every year, trying to prove our love. While it is a wonderful thing to get a card from your grown daughter and grandchildren, written with their very own little hands, it is not about the physical proofs.

It is also not about being better. There are plenty of people who can and do have children, that shouldn't. Being part of this particular club is hit or miss. If you follow this line of thinking, I should be crushed every Martin Luther King's Day, or Father's Day. We can not be in everything. Some clubs we are a part of, and some we are not. While we experience, participate and spread ourselves, many different lies, these holidays are not about being bette3r or worse.

Every one of us came into this world with a mother, whether you know, have met, hate or loved her. It is a universal experience we all share. The details of each experience however, vary wildly. If there is a lie told, it has to be about not being honest about the loving concept of motherhood. It is not all about flowers and love. For some of us, it is about terror and fear. This was our first human connection. It is where we learn to trust, to feel love. If this didn't happen, Mother's Day will never be a Day of Feeling Important. Never.

We had a great day. Lunch and then, off to feed the geese at the park. Little things that mean the world and the importance of being greatful, that is what it is important...