pomp and circumstance...

Maybe we need to attend a graduation every year, whether we know someone or not. It is good for the soul to be refreshed with the reminder that some have reached a milestone in their lives and are starting on a new path. As humans, we all need that reminder, that a a few bars of Pomp and Circumstance. Everytime I hear that song, I remember myself on the night.

Fresh, full of hope for new beginnings. A sense of accomplishment, a job well done and now, out into my forever Life. After graduation night and an all nighter at Disneyland, the glare of that job well done, started to dim and the idea of a Real job, became louder than loud. My father was starting over with a new family, and I was kicked out of the nest. Little did I know that in four months, my mother would be dead by her own hand. What a way to start one's new forever.

We all know it turned out fine, better than fine. There would be many, many twists and turns but in the end, it was all good.

My Commentment Speech to Miss Zalaine Daniels, Class of 1969, Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, California.

The Real World is out there waiting for you, I know you are thrilled with your new found freedom but it will be tough. Job, college, where to live - all seem pretty glamorous choices and you, my friend, will have to make them all. Some things will be out of your control. Respond the best you can at the age you are. Look forward to making better choices everyday, as your life experiences change you. You will make mistakes, count on it, just don't make the same ones, twice.

I am rooting for you my friend, I have got your back. Now, go get em...