At any given Moment, we are on the verge of a new discovery. New to us but not to the world. Many have already discovered it, we are just late to the party.

How did we miss it?
Where has this been all my life?
Why did no one tell me?

It can be anything, from soup to nuts. A few weeks ago, my girl mentioned that these particular corn chips were the best, just like Chapala. Since I love Chapala's chips, I took her up on her offer to sample them. I have not looked back and Juanita's Chips are now a staple in my pantry. They are light, crisp and salty. The perfect chip. When picking up a few more bags last weekend, I shared this new found knowledge with the cashier at Walmsrt. She said she has heard that before but had not tried them yet.. Hope she tries them soon, she is most certainly, missing out.

Gage is having this same experience with UA. It is a line of clothing that has an appeal with outdoorsy people. DH has used it for years in the winter. Climbing around on railroad cars during the winter is nightmare and even more so in the middle of the night. Those days are now gone but the UA is still looks great and is going strong.

Gage doesn't ask for much so when he asked repeatedly this weekend to go on an Under Armour shopping trip, his mom obliged. We hit Sports Authority Sunday afternoon and hit the mother lode of UA items. He now has a collection of shirts, shorts, socks and sandals. He let it be known if we find UA underwear and a hat, he was vertainly open to having those too. Just like the chips, you can't have too much of this new and marvelous thing.

His birthday is toward the end of August. It will be interesting to see if he wants a winter warerobe of UA. Will not buy ahead, I learned my lesson for good. It is hard to tell but the one thing that is for certain, there will be many, many photos this summer of Gage in his favorite. It will always be known as the Summer of UA and Juanita's Chips. That is just the way it is...