As an child and a grownup, I have had many pets. Mostly dogs, there is nothing quite like a dog to feel mighty loved. I understand there was a pekingese in the house when I was brought home from the hospital that needed some coaxing and some watching because of her one person attactment to my mother but sounded like, she finally came around.

Growing up, we had Gypsy. A type of heeler was her heritage and we had her for a bit but she magically disappeared. Later, we would learn that everytime my father was in the yard with us, she would bite him. Seems like we had her a long time, but like most things in childhood, they always look bigger and seem longer and you remember better than they really were.

Dogs are probably man's best friend. There is just Something. Fond memories of Ling Ling, Malcolm, Murphy and Miss Sadie. These days, we are pet free. Not because we don't want pets but these days as DH said last week, a dog is a luxury. He is spot on. If you have a pet, you better have a pet 401K. My sister has spent thousands of dollars on vet bills for her cat/cats, over the years. They don't have children so I get that. Before the kids got Banjo, they would suggest almost everytime we saw them, that we get a dog. Finally I told them, I can spend money on you or a dog, not both...There was no dog talk after that.

Everytime I see Banjo, it is like being loved by a four grandchild. I have to stop, pick him up, love on him before he can calm down. As I walk up to the house, I can hear him barking like crazy, knowing that soon he will be jumping around my ankles, looking for some Love.

Some big Love for all the animals that have come across my journey. You guys all taught me something with your love and devotion. Thank you, and for Banjo, thanks for all the love these days - poppa and I heart you too!