Your iPhone/Pad/Pod carries around your music history. There is much to learned about someone from their music, tons. The same can be said about your library. That is the reason that I have the ZD Memorial Library. If anyone wants to know about me, spend a few moments crusing through the five bookshelves and you will have a pretty good picture of who I am by who I have read.

The same can now be said of your Google history. What you are thinking, what is going on in your everyday life, it is all on Google. More accurate than a checkbook register, it can account for whatever was going through your mind, at any given time. Here is mine for the last few days.

bose mobile speaker
tallbone pain exercises
the yummy life blog
pool sofa float
plant based diet
container gardening
facebook ipo
reel theater

Does that not give you information that you would never have known otherwise? Thinking we may want to document this somehow. Never one to do anything the conventional way, what better way to give someone, the full monty - so to speak. Forget, this is the Real Deal...