there's an app for that...

What if God had his own App store where everything was free? What apps would be on your iBrain device?

Here's is a few of mine.

Is the Garage Door closed? This might be up in front. This would change my life if I didn't feel the need to go around the block and make sure the garage door was closed. It would save much time. A lot of time.

Why am I Considering Making This Choice that I Know isn't a Good One? You have mulled it over in your mind. You know it is not the right thing to do, are not ready to let go. You are fully aware of the consequences but are still trying to find a way to justify it.

12 cookies won't kill me. This app might help you understand, the incorrectness in that thought process.

I have a million more. How great would it be to just cruise around for the app you need, at any given Moment? At the hospital and need some assistance, there is an app for that. The thing is, maybe we already have everything we need to to make the tough decisions, accept the heartbreak and know what step to take next. There will always be a Way that looks greener but if you already have what you need, maybe greener isn't the way to go. There is an app, I could get into...