day and night...

You can't imagine how happy you can be to work at a concession stand while The Stones are singing Jumping Jack Flash in the background or counting the cash drawer to Honky Tonk Woman.

What a night! I could not have had a better time if I had bought a gazillion dollar ticket. In fact, I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to see their happy faces for anything. There were several times during the night that because I couldn't have a camera, I took visual pics that will stay on my brain's harddrive forever. One couple were dressed to the nines in their RS gear complete with flashing red lips and fancy hat gear. There were a stunning visual to an incredible event. I haven't seen that much gray and tie dye in long time. Maybe it was the advanced age of the crowd but they were an enthusiatic, happy and ready to party crowd.

After five hours of seeing hundreds of people, I saw no one I knew. People came from everywhere. One man had just flown in from New York, just for the concert. One of the little gals at the concession stand knew people flying in from Virginia. We worked our tails off making sure these guys had adequate refreshments but we walked away with a different kind of happy.

For a while, it looked like the concert may not happen. Mick Jagger had been having throat issues and then last Saturday, his father passed away. Our stop was one of the last ones but I wonder how you make yourself keep going and especially for Nampa, Idaho.

I was happy all evening for this crowd. They were ready to rock and roll and when the Stones hit the stage at 920PM, it almost brought tears to my eyes because you could feel their excitement. I didn't need to see what I could feel.

Sometimes, just listening is enough.
Sometimes, just listening is way more than enough.
Sometimes, just listening is better.

As we walked around on our break, we got pretty close to the side of the stage. I could see Jagger's face and that was all I needed. I got to hear the whole concert as I happily worked. I think I am concession stand material. I learned something from this crowd. Sometimes you just can't help but be happy...This morning, their Stories are still going thru my head. Life is good.