It was about a month ago that it came to mind to do a picture of the day for a year. Where it came from, I haven't a clue but November 1 seemed to be a good starting date and here we are. A friend of mine is going to join me and it will be fun to exchange deep spiritual thoughts next year as to what we learned from this exercise. Going into it, I am expecting not to have an answer until I am looking back. My immdediate goal is to be less ana, and lower my expectations. It is just a picture - there are going to be 365 of them. They are not going to all be Pulitzer Prize winners and some will look out of place as I do my looking back. Right now I am expecting to learn to see more and expect less. I am betting that the experience will be nothing like I imagine. Today, I am ready to go.

I am already changing my rules by using this as my first photo. Taking a few hours before the Nov 1 kick off. It reflects a little bit of my own understanding. If you know Gage, most everything takes lots of thought before making a decision even which sucker to choose. Oficer Gage had a FABulous evening and he is well on his way to a career in law enforcement. He thinks through situations and doesn't react. I feel safe knowing I am protected by one of the finest.

We had a great time at the church's Halloween party, Games, cotton candy, throwing Cool Whip at the pastor - what was not to love? The boys filled their bags with candy and finally, it was time to head home. Miss M was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and one of us carried her around most of the night.We all left feeling like we had done it all.

Already on to tomorrow picture, I am expecting it will take 60-90 days before it becomes natural and not inmyface thinking. I am looking forward to the experience as a whole. I am excited about what I am going to learn and I am going to learn. What I learn is not up to me - my only responsibility is to see and learn. I'm ready to go...