nana's house...

We moved here almost 7 years ago. The house we were living in was big and the yard was bigger. One thing we aren't is yard people. When we put the house up for sale in September, little did I know that by the time we actually moved late January, I would be a nana in seven months.

This is the only house my gkids have known. This is the house we have baked cookies, made crafts, opened presents, had sleepovers and sing karoake. It is a little house but the kids don't care. They have their own room. They come in the house most every Sunday after church and head for their room while I get lunch ready. Keaton and Gage have taught Miss M the ropes and even at 19 months, she knows what is what. We take turnings setting next to each other at lunch. Depending on whether poppa is there, usually one of the boys sits by each of us and Miss M who just graduated to sitting at the table - out of the cursed high chair, happily eating, chatting and trying to figure out what we are going to do after lunch.

These are precious times. The memories that have been made here are strong and rooted. When we talk about about moving, closer to the kids, Gage has a stinky fit. He hate change and the idea of us moving even closer to him doesn't have a chance to sink in because he has his superhero boxers all twisted up in a knot, thinking about the change. These kids feel the Love that surrounds them as soon as they walk up the step to nana's house and when that door opens and the hugs come, they accept the lavish attention they know is coming before heading off to play.

This is a glimpse of what I feel in the presence of God.
This is the way I can best usher my gkids toward the Love of God.
This is how I learn to share Him with others.

There is always change involved with God. God doesn't change but we do. As we learn to trust Him more, we change from the inside out. Our lives start to look different and we start to act differently. Those around us may or may not see the change or they may or may not recognize it.

The kids know Love when they come to nana. Nana knows Love when she comes God. It is the trickling down effect that knows no end...where it stops, nobody know...