more than a feeling...

Like it or not, our lives are a mix of old and new. Old School doesn't look so old anymore. Technology is taking us places faster than we could ever imagine. This year I can register our license plates online. 99% of the time I turn to the Internet for breaking news. By the time the newspaper comes, it is all old news. I have already moved on.

From digital photos to paying bills online, life as we know it, has and is changing every day and I could not be happier. From our cell phones, we know who is calling by the song that is playing. Email is awesome and now, Facebook and Twitter. Going to stay away from twittering for now but understand that doctors are twittering from the operation room. What is next?

If you have do your taxes online, you know of what I speak. I had my refund back in 6 days. The old way always took months. The cool thing is you can do as much or as little as you want. We can still function with USPO delivering our mail and depositing money in person at the bank. Like a sliding scale, whatever you are comfy with.

Whatever your level of comfort, I hope you are adventurous enough to check out Something new. It is a new world, filled with lots of cool things. For some photo fun, check out I put Gage's picture in a magazine, blew it up to a 11x14 and framed it. Truly gorgeous. I am running out of wall space - I feel a whole photo redecoration coming on.

For some fun, check out a new twist to the 365 day project at Humor and Lego's - what's not to Love?

DD's pastor writes a very interesting blog - He is a hoot in Real Life. I always have to think about his posts for days after reading them - love when something makes me think.

I would tell you to go read Anne Jackson's blog but she is giving up blogging and such for Lent. New ... meet old.

Not unlike juggling, another fine line we have to walk in this Life. It is a slippery slope to be sure, but take your time, go slow but go. You might learn Something and it might - change your world...