how do they do that?

This incredible machine was built as a collaborative effort between the
Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of
Engineering at the University of Iowa. Amazingly, 97% of the machines
components came from John Deere Industries and Irrigation Equipment of
Bancroft, Iowa, yes farm equipment!

It took the team a combined 13,029 hours of set-up, alignment,
calibration, and tuning before filming this video, but as you can see it was WELL
worth the effort. It is now on display in the Matthew Gerhard Alumni Hall at
the University of Iowa and is already slated to be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

I don't know how lots and lots of things are done. I don't know how my car works, or my computer goes where I think I want to go. I don't understand how music moves one and not the other and I don't understand what dreams mean.

There is so much I don't know yet I go on. It doesn't seem to affect my daily life. Once in a while, the not knowing takes me down for a bit but rebound is usually pretty close and available.

I don't understand how we are still looking at any AI people other than Danny...and Adam. Not everything is deep but the passion is always there.

Tomorrow is April 1. April Fools Day, tradionally the day one plays tricks on another. This is circulating around the news - not sure what to make of it but just spreading the news. I don't know how someone can affect all this many computers but they can and have...

What is Conficker.c and what do analysts fear it may do?

Conficker.c is a worm, a malicious program thought to have already infected between 5 million and 10 million computers.

Those infections haven't spawned many symptoms, but on April 1 a master computer is scheduled to gain control of these zombie machines, said Don DeBolt, director of threat research for CA, a New York-based IT and software company.

Don't know if it will materialize tomorrow but I am posting this earlier, just in case. If you are reading it, you are proably safe. I wouldn't usually be the voice of doom but after my crash a few weeks ago on just an update, I will watch the news in the morning before booting up. Especially because I really don't know to fix my computer if it crashes. See ya April 2!