This is just one in a series of about 20 photos but it tells the beginning of a Story.

It was a cold, cold day but there was just too much energy not to get out. With Miss M in the lead, they all take their spots on the climbing rock. She is so much more adventurous than the boys were at her age. She is not afraid and doesn't need a brother to lead the way. In the photos that follow, Keaton tries to keep up with her while Gage is content to bring up the end in slow motion.

We all climb and we all do at different speeds. Some of us can't wait to climb to the top and some of us, (insert my hand waving here) could care less if take one step. IT is a difference of perspective and value and sometime, one of fear.

Toward the end of this photo montage, there are photos with Gage at the top, with a smile on his face. His sister is still hanging around, his brother has moved on to Other Things. It is life as we all know it, being on different pages in the same book.

There are times we have to push ourselves to make the climb, because of fear and the unknown. We have to get out of the rut of not seeing the view on top of the mountain. If we really don't care about the view, that is one thing but if we fear the climb, afraid of getting hurt - that is a fear that should be faced. They say, you only have to take the first step. I disagree, it will be a fight to the top.

Whatever mountain you find yourself climbing now, giving you the same advice I ahve been giving myself. Face the fear. Don't try to go around it, under or over the top. Try going through it. I have no idea what that may look like for you or me but time to find out. It may be worse than I imagined. It may also be not as scary as I had built up in my mind and I may just walk out with a smile on my face...