girls and gumballs...

This last weekend, Miss M and 9 of her friends continued her 6th birthday celebration with a craft party at Michael's. Bubble gum machines made from terra cotta pots was the craft she choose and it seemed to be a very popular choice.

The dynamics of 10 little girls is one you might understand if you have one. If not, it is not unlike a group of girlfriends getting together minus driving yourself and more colorful refreshments. The was a bit of a territorial theme going on. Everyone wanted to sit by the Birthday Girl and she only had 2 sides. Everyone was from her school except for one and she was one of the lucky ones to flank the Girl of Honor. There was much fuss made over the gift opening, each girl brought her gift to the Birthday Girl as if it was a burnt offereing. She properly read all the cards and personally thanked each one. The best part was after a parade through Micheal's, a strange, marketing tool to show them where in the store, Miss M had picked out the terra cotta pots, she was sent back inot the room while the rest of the girls sang, Happy Birthday, over the loud speaker.

Two and a half hours later, everyone was on their way home, a bit sugared up and with a bounty of their own. I had 200 photos to go through and couldn't have been happier. Sometimes, you just need a girl today. To remind you, of where you have come and hopefully, direct you in the Way Of All Things Girl, which is an education in being a girl that we girls, never want to miss!