Please tell me how you say good-bye to someone who has known and loved you from the very moment you opened your eyes.
R.I.P. BN, I have been so blessed to have you as my father!!!/
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I talk about family all the time. If I am talking about the first 20 years of my life, it is crazy, unbelievable and scary. If I talk about the next 20 years, it is still scary but new life has come and the crazy stakes are higher, there is more to protect. By the time I get to the 20 after that, life has settled down, new life has come and I am able to breathe and enjoy. There are still swings because as long as there is family, there will be human pendulums, flying high above your head and through your heart.

Some feel like Miss M. She has a love for her father, that I can't fathom. Even though she has a grown child of her own, she feels his loss like a little girl. Our family experiences shape every inch of our lives. These experiences dictated our choices, our philosophy and our future.

You love em or hate em, it is always about family. There are ones you wish you were part of and there are ones, you refuse to admit to belonging. As I pray for Keaton's grandchildren, I pray that his sweet spirit is one that they feel. I imagine Gage playing football with his grandsons, telling them about his college days. Miss M will pass on her sense of love and hugs to her granddaughter and tell them, I was surrounded by love when I was your age and I want you to know that I love you too, to infinity and beyond.