just the Beginning...

He is not here, He is risen...

As we were walking form the parking lot to the soccer field yesterday morning, Gage hit me hard with Easter theology that was coursing through his mind.

What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus? he asks. I try to put together an answer that will explain but even I have a hard time, bringing the two together. I explain that each theme come from completely different camps and most families in one way, or another have agreed to live side by side.

In a few hours, we will all head to his church and then to a family dinner to celebrate Easter. One will bring the Resurrection Story, full of promise and grace. The other will bring the Easter Bunny, and the hunting of eggs will begin. All I can liken it to is my experience, growing up with only one Story. When the hunting of eggs and the opening of Easter baskets is done, so is Easter. Period, end of Story.

Not now. Today, Easter lives on, well after all the chocolate bunnies are gone.

We don't walk away empty-handed.
We walk away victorious.
We walk away with a future, that will last forever.

May you have a wonderful day filled with Him and his Love...