Less than 12 hours after the last post, and after a bit of studying, I have my computer up and running. When I realized that the fix was real - I FREAKED OUT!. You know those times when you knew it wasn't possible, yet it happened and you get to feel like a genius, for a day.

With everything up and running, creativity began to come back. When I read up on the malware virus that had invaded my personal space, it said that is didn't erase my files but hid them. I could get to the programs I had in my Taskbar and I could also still get to the Start menu but everything else, disappeared.

I went in and changed the setting to show hidden files, and the desktop icon came back, albeit grayed out. I was able to run the malware software, found 10 trojans, and deleted them. Went back and downloaded a unhide.exe file and everything ungrayed on the Desktop and all my Favorites on the web, reappeared. Magically and so far, so good.

Flying high from my victory, have being trying to see that the same thing happens in Real Life. Whether creativity, beliefs, values, even love... maybe Sometimes, we get a life virus and think these things are gone when they are just being hidden from us. When discovered and deleted, everything comes back.

Some advice I got many years ago, has stayed with me. I have dragged it out of storage, many, many times.

When it feels like all is lost, hold on to what you know. Hold on with everything you have, until the world looks right again.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time your tree gets thrown around. Good advice, it has served me well. Thinking the hidden icon thing will do the same. In the meanwhile, will bask in my computer glow and enjoy every Moment...