has never been of much interest to me. The only time I have paid any attention was as a child, listening to my father and grandmother arguing about Adolf Hitler. He, from the perspective of a American and a soldier, - hers, from a perspective of the good, she was a direct beneficiary of. disclaimer - her defense was that when Hitler first came to power, he tried and succeed to help the German people who were hunger and poor. She stood by her convictions, and I stand by her) There would go at it for hours, using the same arguments, neither one ever budging.

After years and years of dodging the History Channel of which, DH should buy stock in. I am devouring my second, with a third waiting in the wings because of Miss Sarah Vowell.

First the Puritans, now the assassin's of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. Her storytelling has me mesmorized with a intense need for more. Resembling the style of David Sedaris, she brings history to life with humor and unconventional wisdom. She makes me laugh out loud as I read the antics of those who were just like me, flawed, confusing and lacking in many graces.

It reminds me that we are always looking out windows of this journey called Life but don't see it all. History hasn't changed, I did. I looked through the window, something caught my eye and I got off the train to see more. Now I am wandering the countryside, looking for more because I am loving what I see.

Did you know that in the middle of the Civil War, on a train platform in Jersey City, John Wilkes Booth, elder brother Edwin saved a young man who had fallen on the tracks, that young man was Robert Todd Lincoln, the president's first son or that this same son was present at the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley

One of the things I have learned is that where we are now as a country, is explained in our history. The Trickle Down Theory is alive and well. People always have and will always been, human and because of that - all we do is repeat, repeat, repeat.

Till my dying day, this I will believe. There will always, always be, because there have always, always been. This side of heaven,

there will always be the bedding of women who are not wives,
there will always be the murdering of brother against brother,
there will never be, peace on earth.

New eyes, old history...bring it on.