Are you kidding me? Really?

Every have one of those Moments? Your face gives you away as you may or may not be desperate, to rein your emotion in.

Sometimes, it comes out as vocally, in the form of sarcasm. Again, making a stab at trying to hide what is really going on inside. We humans are good at many things but hiding our rawest of emotions, when we just can't believe what you just did/said/agreed with/noticed/love/vocalized isn't one of them. At that very Moment, the look on our face, says it all. It is primal and real. It is who we really are. Time to fess up to ourselves and deal with what is.

If your nana is around and has no idea of what she has on her memory chip, she will document this for you so you too, can learn what it is to be human. That is the least she can do and she does it, most happily...