Idle, a place we find ourselves from time to time. It might really be the best place to be because if you can't see behind you and ahead of you, seems out of reach, all you have is the present. Wonder why Sometimes, it is not enough?

Feeling caught between between old life and new life that is coming, maybe it is about holding on with both hands. Not sure what the future holds and at least the past, holds some familiarity. Something to hang on to. Maybe that is the point of being idle, time to lose that comfort zone.

I have been here a few times in my life. After a job loss when it was easier to look behind, rather than ahead. If memory serves, that turned out fine. Maybe you can have one hand on the future while holding on to the past and thinking about the present.

Have always heard that you are either going forward or backward, never standing still. Never idle. Whatever this state is, I don't plan on staying here long but for today, it's where I need to be. Happy Leap Day!