just say no...

I came into this world, without the ability to say no. Always a people pleaser, always thinking this time, it would be different. It took many years of trial and error to learn, that saying no is doable, and many times, the only thing to do.

For some of us, it takew a long time to understand that our doing is not who we are. When it looks like we are giving, it really comes from a Place of fear and abandonment.

We give for all the wrong reasons.
We give because we are scared.
We give to feel better about ourselves.

Learning to say no is a process. There can be Costs that we hurt, to pay. Some people will be mad and will walk away from you because you won't do what they want you to. In the end, it is worth it all. Learning to say no is the best gift you can give both to them and yourself. Expect the pain and know that the right thing, doesn't always feel good. It's just the way it is...