Dear Miss Sweettooth,

You may be my longest running relatiohship. For as long as I can remember, you have been there. Day or night, holiday or everyday - you are a constant presence in my life. I can feel you as you ride in on that white horse, waving the flag.Trying to get my attention, which you always do, no matter what is going on.

I wish it could be different. I wish that what we have had a better mental health balance. More of a Give and Take, like between good friends but what we have is, you call and I pony up. All you have to do make a little bit of noise, and I want whatever you are selling.

Maybe it is better now. Last week, you came roaring in on Monday morning but settled down a bit the next few days. Wednesday, I looked up and it was lunch time, I almost missed it. When you are quiet, the world is a lovely place and I find my way around, quite easily. When you have Something going on, I only have eyes for you.

There must be some song Somewhere about quitting you but after all these years, I do not believe that is possible. We will have to learn to coexist with each other. Let's try to spend the rest of our time together, being mindful and thankful for our relationship, thankful that after 60 years, it would so cool to go out on a high note. Are you with me?