women and Spring...

This many women, together
can only mean one thing.
It is time to plan the spring
banquet of their focus.
Whether it be a Ladies Brunch
at a church, club or rented hall,
the ritual is always the same.
Make no mistake, this is serious business,
not taken lightly nor a place to try something new.
While waiting for my friend,
it was impossible not to hear their plans,
of table decorations Now and Then.
Of times, that brought them,
much joy and success.
Women have been planning events, forever.
They know what works and aren’t afraid to do it.
Not the time nor place to try new things,
this is where the tried and true is made to shine.
I have been where they are, I know the process.
I didn’t fare too much in this arena, always wanting to go,
where no woman had before.
Still I have great respect for those who can talk about menus,
decorations and chairs like it was brain surgery.
Something, I never could master.
You Go Girls...