Always on the look out for the perfect purse. Have a history of being eluded, many promising much and delivering, very little. A purse is like a pet, nothing you ever, ever give at birthdays or Christmas.

The perfect purse has to be felt and hung on shoulder or crossover tested. The contents of any given woman's belongings has to fit in said purse. Whether she needs outside pockets, side pockets (a new must for carrying Diet Coke) and the inside space hat to fit perfectly. The size of present and in the future wallets has to be taken into consideration. Now, I have to have one that not only fits my big wallet and camera but iPad.

Had been looking for a couple of months with no success. Either too little or too big, not enough or the right pockets, the search went on and then there she JCPenneys. I wasn't sure so held on tightly to my receipt but to my great pleasure, when I got it home - everything fit. What I didn't understand is that I should have just taken my favorite coffee cup, purse shopping with me.

Last fall, I hit a great sale at Pier One when I found my favorite coffee cup. I always knew that I loved the big cups but didn't realize how the shape effected me. Large at the top and tapered at the bottom. The perfect shape of coffee cup was also the perfect shape for a purse. Does shape make a difference in our lives, should we be paying more attention? Now I am wondering, what else in my life would be made most excellent because of its shape?