Am compling a list of Things To Do, Every Day - No Matter What.

Whether the sun is shining, or my heart is barely beating. Some, like gratitude and prayer are of a spiritually nature. Some, like being fluid and less sarcastic, are more of a personality issue. Learning to be satisified by recoginizing that I am full, will be a constant battle, one that will never be mastered this side of heaven.

Maybe the same can be said for each of my Dailies. That by admitting to being human, I understand and do by acknowledge, that very little comes naturally and that most everything is a discipline on some kind of sliding scale.

It is easy to love my family, it is easy to love chocolate. I had a Golden Corral kind of day last week. I mean, I really did go to Golden Corral, Miss M chose that as her place to eat on our sleepover. She always choses Chapala, always but at the last minute, Golden Corral was the choice. You would have thought I never have seen a buffet and would not be able to gather food, for a long, long time. I did not hold back. It was a free for all, right on my many plates. Wish I could say that won't happen again but it will. Maybe I will stop sooner, maybe not.

It is a list that I will continue to add to. Very few times can we sit down, make a complete list and not have or want to add too it. We are grocery list kind of people. You start a list days before you are going to the store, you tell everyone to add what they need as they think of things, as do you. Three days is a good number, if you/they haven't remember they ran out or needed something in three days, it can wait until the next shopping trip.

Tomorrow, I am going to add being brave. Life is risky and sad enough as it is, I don't need to foresee and imagine what else could go wrong. Yes, definitely adding being brave...