Team Brianna...

Have bee working on putting together Team Brianna and we are ready to go. From wonderful Mary who got the Hello Kitty charms to me in short order when I told her Brianna's Story to the clerk at the post office who now knows Brianna's Story and where I am sending my parcel. It has been a labor of love, of many.

I haved shared Brianna's Story everywhere I go. Even a funeral. The one to whom I told Brianna's Story works in a hospital and knew all about the diagnosis. She said she would pray for Brianna.

I share Brianna's Story at Walmart with the young clerk when we discussed that we didn't know they made Hello Kitty duct tape. She shared that a girl at her high school had cancer and they started a team for her. I told her I would pray for her friend.

I ran across a talk in Ted this week, by Dan Buettner.

How to live to be 100+.

In his talks, he explains how we weren't built for longevity. He shares the nine diet and lifestyle changes that have proven to make us last longer. It is not just about eating nuts and berries. We are more than what we eat.

We know isolation kills

I have started to take his happiness quiz and the questions were interesting to say the least.

Do you won a pet?

How many hours a day do you listen to music?

If asked, could you explain your sense of life's purpose in a phrase or sentence?

I will tell you, I got a D+.

Suggestions for a better life were to get a dog, go outside more, turn off the TV and sleep more. Can not say I disagree with them, not sure what I will change if anything.

What Dan is trying to say is that we are social animals. 15 years ago, the average person had three close friends, now we have 1 1/2. It is a combination of diet, social and taking time for ourselves. All that to say, I have been quite social lately. As for the dog, maybe Someday...