I don't know much about sports. Not having boys or a DH who was sports-minded, it was never much on my life's radar. Having Gage and BSU football, has changed all that. We even add a cable box for a few months, just so we can watch the BSU games.

I have always loved the idea of football in the fall, running in the background. The mere sound of it, is now a calming effect. Don't care who is playing who, it all sounds the same.

In my conversatiosns with Gage and Poppa, I have learned a few things about football, and about myself. It would seem that defense and offense are two different minds sets. I thought everyone on the team could pretty much play any position, with a bit of help. I see now, how crazy that is. If I was to suit up for Coach Pete, I would most definitely be, defense. No doubt.

All my life, I have played defense, one way or another. Ready at a moment's notice to take out whoever was trying to get past me. Physically, I was born to play defense. I am a big girl and I am not afraid to show it. Come at me, if you will but be ready to pay the price. I will stand in line and wait, like I see those huge defense guys do, and when it is time, take you down. Can't beleive I never saw that before.

Some may call it over protection, it is those anger issues that get trigger the fight or flight response. I am a bit too old to engage in fist fights but would if need be.

Sports may have come to me, late in life but it is never too late to learn. There are some great lessons to be learned, and I think, this is the perfect time to get into the game...