You are going to be okay. Your moods are rarely reality. Reality is something else. Trust God.Donald Miller.

Good words to start the new month off with...

IMHO, reality shows in the droves that we now watch, have skewed our idea of what is real and what is not real. Maybe blogging has also. we live in a immediate gratification world and with that, comes change, and the change comes from having a new normal.

I know of several situations where families are experiencing a new normal. The loss of a loved one, sickness of another. Their lives, not their moods, have been changed and it is a permanent change.

Read this morning about a family who took a 31 day challenge to their finances. Nothing but essentials for 30 days. No clothing, eating out or Starbucks. They saved over $1000 in a month. That is a mood, there are many people out there who live the same way because they have no other choice, and they, don't save anything. In fact, they go into the money hole, deeper and deeper every month.

What is my mood today?
What is my reality today?
What is the Place where these two meet?

And, what does that look like in my life? Making a list of things I try to practice every day. Telling these two apart and making choices based on those identifications, just made the list...