walk away...

don't be afraid to walk away. Unknown.

I say unknown but really, I can't remember where I heard this but I do know that I keep coming back to it.

In the middle of a deep conversation today, these words kept coming back. There are things we all need to do and things we should not be doing. As with all of life, knowing how to tell them apart is tougher than it looks and we do and will make mistakes.

If you walk away for the wrong reasons, you will be sorry and there will be consequences. That is what we fear, the consequences. That fear will freeze us in our tracks and make us less likely to try again. If we should walk away but won't because of fear, commitment or failure, there are emotional consequences. Have a had at least one issue in this camp this week, made a decision and will live with the consequences.

We will never get it right.
We will make mistakes.
But I have to think that if we are not afraid to walk away,
we will make more better choices, than if we were afraid.
It gives us a choice, it gives us the ability to live freely.
It gives us the chance to be human, and live with those choices...