I was created to make your praise...glorious

Driving home last night, right in front of me was this glorious sunset. It was a massive visual of color and texture. I don't think I had ever seen clouds in little chunky, pillowly pieces. They were small and numbered in the hundreds. It was like there was one for each of us and God was just letting us in for a small glimpse.

The song, "Glorious" from the soundtrack The Gospel, had just come on the radio and I knew that it was one of those moments. It had been a long day, filled with lots of twists and turns and I was feeling the burn of tiredness but I perked right up after a few chorus of song and this amazing sight.

The song is absolutly right - we were made to praise Him. We forget, get busy - perhaps too busy. We don't think we can find even a few minutes in a day to quite what we are doing that seems so important.

I was created to make your praise...Glorious.

Yesterday I had a glorious reminder, today I may have nothing but my own wits. Either should be enough. I just need to remember whose I am and why I was created and be ready to blown away, every once in a while...