The boys couldn't wait until they got their camo belts at karate because that meant they were ready to gear up and start the sparring part of their training. It looks a little dangerous but they are well padded and supervised so I imagined it would be ok. I was a little worried about Keaton. He is a lover not a fighter but I did pray for those who would come up against Gage. He'll hit anything including his brother, sister and assorted bad guys. Yesterday was my first time to watch them in action and I was mentally prepared to see them get hit.

Gage threw us a curve ball. He was matched up against a girl and when he wouldn't throw a punch or attempt a kick, we thought it was because it was a girl. After several minutes, we stopped and asked and he was somewhat vague. Still thinking it was a girl thing, they switched her out and put a boy as his partner. He still would not engage in any part of the sparring exercise. Finally it was time to move on to the next thing and as I helped him get his sparring gear off, I asked him what was wrong, "I'm hot", he said.

I wasn't convinced then anymore than I am this morning, There was something going on - he had done it several times before but he wasn't going to do it yesterday. I think we all have days like that and some of those days, I would be hard-pressed to explain why either.

He was fine before and fine after. I'm am positive that he was able to go home and hit somebody or something. Maybe he really was too hot, maybe there was nothing wrong and we will never really know for sure what his deal was but let me put it this way, if you offered me a Route 44 Diet Cherry Coke and I said, No thank you - you better be checking my pulse. Take me to a doctor, check my hearing and give me a pill...There is Something wrong. I know him that well and I would bet again the nothingiswrongtheory.

Somedays we feel off - not like ourselves and that's ok. We were created by One who understand that, He knows us better than we know ourselves. We don't have to explain it to Him. Just spend a few moments with Him, in silence, enjoying each others company. No words are needed and it doesn't have to be for a long time. Just sit for a few minutes and share the moment. Just a little peace and quiet... get comfortable and make sure you are not too hot...Happy Friday.

PS. I just finished talking to Gage's mommy and his teacher, Miss Brandi called and said she needed to come get him and take him home. He got to school, put his head on his desk, put his arms on his head and wouldn't talk to anyone. She got him home, gave him popcorn and let him watch Diego and although he isn't saying much, seems to be very content. He is not sick, just needs some time - Don't we all? We just aren't smart enough to put our heads down and refuse to go any more, LOL...