starting late...and barely hanging on.

Blogger is having issues today.

I understand that.
I have days with my own issues
Might even have some today - the day is still young.

The picture that was to be posted is a photo from my 2007 calendar. It is a face shot of a pin-up girl and the caption reads, " Its so involved being me". That is who I feel about me sometimes.

I feel sorry for my friends. It is tough being my friend. On any given day, whatever I am thinking is pretty much coming out my mouth at the same time. I feel like the comedian Ron White, "I had the right to remain silent but I didn't have the ability".

I understand having issues.
Have been in a creative slump for a few weeks, just pulled out of it today.
So Blogger, take a day...Have your issues...Will leave you alone because I understand.
Hope you are feeling better tomorrow...