If you have been living in a cave or living in the Midwest where the power is out, you may not have heard but understanding that the human grapevine is one of the most efficient systems around, you know that 13 year old Ben Ownby was found after being kidnapped four days and that 15 year old Shawn Hornbeck who had been kidnapped four years earlier was found in the same home.

This single event has brought back hope to a nation who desperately could use some. This isn't how these deals usually go down, The odds are against finding a child alive after 72 hours is extremely low. To find two of them alive, is still unbelieveable and unheard of.

I can only imagine that anyone who heard the Story this weekend had a new-found sense of hope. As Shawn's stepdad spoke to the press on Saturday, he told of a family that never gave up hope. I am going to take him at his word even though I can't image having that kind of stamina. To hold on to hope in the midst of everything else telling you it is futile, has to be be available to a select few.

We live in a world that is much different from our mother's world. As a culture, we have to deal with things she could not even imagine. Winning has a new look, a new description and a new consequences.

Win (win)
1. to finish first in a race or contest.
2. to succeed by striving or effort.
3. to gain the victory in overcoming adversary.
4. to succeed in reaching by great effort.
5. to get by effort as through labor or competition.
6. to gain

While winning may have changed its appearance, the One who sustains us to the finish line, has not. In fact, we can come to that finish line, everyday. To put our trust in Him despite what the landscape of our lives are, makes us winners. Regardless, we can be victourous everyday - no lines, no waiting. It is there for the taking. For the taking implies action on our part - striving, effort - sometimes, great effort and a sense that winning is possible. While we have no control over when miracles happen, we do have control over being ready when they do. The lesson is not in the miracle as it is in the hope that is ready to receive it...