16 months...

Barack Obama reminded me in his speech the other night that it has been 16 months since he threw his hat into the ring. Who could have seen that either a black man or a white woman would emerge as the sole two Democratic candidates for President of the United States of America - surely not me.

The last 16 months have not been a contest as much as a lifestyle. For those of us who are mildly interested and by that I mean, watching from the comfort of my home - it seems like forever and often, with no end in sight. The historians will tell you that this is longest campaign ever - I will tell you, I am afraid it will set the stage for a 2 years run in 2012. I so hope I am wrong or at least, less interested.

Yesterday, Keaton got the Citizenship of the Year award. It was a surprise and he sure was. We were all there to cheer him on and shower him with lots of citizenship Love. There were many different awards given out during the assembly. Computer and library helpers, some kind of history club kids and perfect attendance awards. The academic awards were last.

If you didn't know the back story, you would not have known that Keaton's teacher choice for the academic awards were anything but what they appeared to be but her criteria for academics had a little different spin. She chose two students in the class who were closer to the bottom than the top of the list. Maybe they had made the most progress during the year, I don't know but what I do know is that Mrs G.
gave these two Something they may never have again and might just change their lives.

Our world is changing - it is becoming more and more obvious. In my world, I would much rather have Keaton win the citizenship award that the academic one. You can teach anyone almost anything but being kind and respectful to all, I am not so sure about. I am trying to learn a bit more about that myself and finding it quite a challenge. I am following the lead of a 8 year old - imagine that.

We live in a country where freedom is the front runner. The politics of our country will follow the calendar and will be over by fall. No more 16 month contest for us. As for truth and kindness, they have no expiration date...Praise God.