the glass is 1/2 full...

While this is not me, Miss D makes quite the metaphor for what I have discovered about myself. BTW, prayers are with you tomorrow Ms D - Go get em...

A while back I had was talking obout trying to change my ways and see the glass as 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty in my life. It hit me late last week that I had a distorted idea of what 1/2 full must look like to be there. I had a whole list of things that I thought had to be changed in my personality to acheive this near nirvana state. I found out last week I was wrong, again.

I thought it meant that I loved everybody I met instantly.
I thought it meant I had to stop being sarcastic and cynical.
I thought that if you were prone to depression, you could never, ever see 1/2 full.

I have since learned that my gratitude makes me see the 1/2 full.
It allows me the chance to be joyful.
I have been given much, even if it all ended today.

I will always have my moments - I am human and that won't change this side of heaven but I understand that 1/2 full is my default. Wow, I am truly walking on Sonshine...