You just need Jesus...

David Letterman asked Eric Clapton who the greatest guitar player in the world was and he answered, Caleb Quaye.

I had the opportunity to hear him this morning at DD's church. The pastor had met him years ago and was invited to a little jam session at a church. He said he thought he was a pretty good until he heard Mr Quaye music, then he decided he couldn't play at all. After he heard EC comment, he felt a little better about himself.

Looking alot like a stocky Eric Clapton, he played with the worship team and just blew me away. In much the same style as Clapton, I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me. Whatever heaven looks like, I am putting it out there right now, this guitar corner is where I am going to hang my hat, for eternity.

He has a great testimony. As a kid, he sang in the choir with Elton John. Traveled with him and is still friends with him today. When asked what is it like to talk Jesus to Sir Elton, he said it was tough. Like a rich man trying to get to heaven. He said it was Only God situation - God will have to directly intervene with Mr John. Imagine that.

While touring with Hall and Oates, he was in a hotel room and heard a Voice. He didn't know who or what it was but wanted to pursue it, someday. He started hanging around with Chester Thompson who played for Genesis and Phil Collins. Having dinner with Chester's family, they would ask him his philosophy of life. Stumbling over his words mixing cultures and creeds, not making much sense, he would ramble for 40 minutes about not much. Chester's standard answer would be four words - that;s it.

You just need Jesus.

He said that same scene - dinner, question and answer played over and over in his head - like the movie, Groundhog Day. It was Easter 1982 and Chester invited him to church and he went. He also heard the Voice again and gave his life to Christ.

You just need Jesus

So simple.
No muss
No fuss.

He is coming back in December and is going to play his entire Christmas album. I am going to pray for Elton John for the next 6 months. That God will go after him, and much like Caleb Quaye, you and me - drive home the simple thought that one just needs Jesus...