off the table...

No project is conceived in a vacuum, no decision in isolation and no negotiation with a clean sheet of paper.

But do you know what you're not willing to consider?

If a newspaper company is planning its future, is shutting down the printing presses an option even being considered? Or is it off the table?

Plan a rabbi's wedding and you probably shouldn't even bother to pitch BLT sandwiches or lobster. It's off the table. Not being considered
. from Seth Godin

I pretty much had my week figured out. I can honestly say, nothing has gone according to plan. It made sense, was not overly aggressive and was, well, perfect for what I needed. Everything I wanted to do was replaced with things I didn't want to do. When I came home from a little fun photo shoot yesterday, my computer had crashed and all I had was a black screen. I knew it was going to be a long day.

So not surprising, I was up at 300AM and couldn't sleep. Turned on the news, lo and behold, the screen was covered by protesters in Iran. I was aware of the election over there and that Ahmad-Crazy Man had declared himself victorious but pretty much was not interested ...until this morning. It seems that this country could be brought down by the big, bad internet. Twitter may be the catalyst that brings it all together. 70% of the people in Iran are under 30 and they are all taking to the streets and Tweeting their little hearts out. No longer willing to exist in the small world developed just for them - they are taking it all in and spreading out. Fascinating, who would have imagined that this kind of technology could bring down governments. It's not your mama's world anymore and dictators beware, the people are on the move.

Makes me feel better about my week. Thought I was in complete control and found out very quickly that not only was I not in control but I would have to work in the opposite direction. Feels better at the end of the week than the beginning. Right now, I am where I thought I would be a week ago - wonder where I will be tomorrow? Wonder where Ahmadinejad will find himself tomorrow? What is off the table? What is on the table and what do we do with what we know?