BT ( before Twitter)

There certainly has been lots of emotion in the celebrity world in the last few days. The RIP's have been overwhelming not only us but the internet also. On Thursday morning when it was announced that Farrah Fawcett had died, it and the SC governor were the Big News until late afternoon. I was on the phone to my girl they announced that Michale Jackson had passed away after announcing an hour earlier that he had been taken to the hospital. Seconds after the annumcement Twitter was down and it took a while to recoup.

It was interesting to watch this new mode of grapevine go into full alert and spread the news. I have been on Twitter for a while now and I LOVE IT! Way more than Facebook and I think I am on Twitter, to stay.

When Billy May's death was announced on Sunday - I found his Twitter account and that of his son, Young Billy Mays. It has been such a fun thing to see people reach out to YBM in a way that was not possible not that long ago. The tributes and photos and stories have been coming his way all week and the kid is just overjoyed. He post ed that his house burned down a while ago - he lost everything and his dad talked to him about how life is and that he would be ok. YBM said when his mom called to tell him about his dad, he panicked for 2 minutes and then remembered the Talk with his dad and knew it would be ok.

I know there are many sites that are doing the MJ tweets but with all the dark clouds that have plagued him over the years - it is hard to know what to feel. Does the character of a man carry as much weight as being the King of Pop? There is so much darkness that has followed him for so long. To be honest, Billy Mays passing has taken up more of my time. Sounds like he was a good dad, husband and pitchman and I ahve enjoyed the past few days. His funeral will pass with little fanfare and will not be front and center and attract 1 million+ people but not sure you won't feel the Love just as much.

I think it was Monday night that YBM was tweeting out loud and said to make sure those around each of us, know how much we love them. He had talked to his dad the night before he died and he was appreciative that he had the opportunity. I have wondered what all these people said when they met Jesus. What happened when the King of Pop met the King Of Kings? Alot of the tributes are saying that heaven is a bit cleaner and brighter now. When all is daid and done, we will all walk the Same Path but while we are here, I think YBM's is right - Life is short, make it count...