It started out as a fleeting thought. I knew I should write it down but once again, talked myself into thinking, this time I would remember.

Many hours later and with the proven path of letting my right brain rest, I came back to me late this afternoon. Not a huge thought, just fleeting.

The growth of God becoming bigger, might have coincided with the Internet. Told you it wasn't a big deal. The more I thought about it, it seemed to match up. Being an introvert and having zero curiosity paired with some bad teaching, had limited my ability to see past my little finger. With the Internet, my world got bigger and all of a sudden, so did my idea of God. Things I feared, were no longer as issue. I began to realize that He is BIGGER than my narrow little thoughts. I also realized he was BIGGER than many other's thoughts too! When your world is small, you hold on tight to beliefs, values and think that God is nothing without your help. As he gets BIGGER in your heart, you start to let some of the petty things you see and hear go, no longer needing to defend them. You understand he can take care of himself and you leave it to him and spend your time doing the things you need to do.

Not saying the Internet is the greatest thing ever but the correlation cannot be denied. If you believe that he can and does use anything he wants, it becomes totally possible, even probable. As your God gets Bigger, you learn to naturally - let go. You put the proverbial suitcase down, and walk away,hands free. In time, you may even see it as the negative it was.

Just barely touching the surface of this BIG thought, it is comforting to see progress. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. No one can tread anything for long. There will be time to say Something or choose to not participate and learning to tell the difference is an on-going journey. For now, I am pretty stoked about the change in my thought process. Anything is possible is easy to say but hard to believe but understanding that for all of us it is about when, not if. We each have many whens in our lives. Some little, Some BIG. That doesn't change, anything is possible. Doesn't explain why, just that is is When Time.

Here is an example, I have never bought a lottery ticket because I believed I would never, ever, ever win. I have still have never bought a lottery ticket but this difference now is I fully believe it is possible that I could win. Now that, is BIG...