Ipad LOVE...

I have been excited about this since before Christmas! Three of us have had ours for a while. Two others got theirs for Christmas.

Battery's charged, photos loaded as are my 162 apps. How did I get that many? Have dreamed of this taking a photo like this. All this Love packed into one afternoon, what a day!

DH is ready for his own. Will wait for the iPad 2 which is looking like it will have a camera, USB port and FaceTime. Sounds like a good upgrade, must start saving out of my grocery money. More cooking, more saving!

We are all in the same book club so I imagine that way we do book club might look a bit different in 2001. It certainly has changed the was we communicate, buy, and. research. Someone suggested, Extremely Loud and Incredible Close and in no time, a few of us had downloaded the preview to check it out. That my friends, is love - pure and simple.

Can't wait for iPad Love 2. Thinking I am totally into Evernote now. Love that we all took notes on things we wanted to check out later. Our lists are as diverse as we are. Turned Miss D onto Cake Doodle for her grandson and can't wait to see what Miss D does with Lens Flare.

With the first week of 2011 almost behind us, moving on with anticipation...